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About 33 Element

Their minimalism, clarity, durable classic case

shapes and thin lines around the dial create a

concise, straightforward brand image.

They represent a universal alliance of reliability of

Ronda Swiss movement combined with high- tech

materials such as ceramic, steel, sapphire, tungsten

and genuine leather - altogether making 33 Element

watches stylish and quality accessory for the modern inhabitant of a metropolis.

The Special Status of the 33 Element is an attribute

to the Swiss watch and timepiece company "FLORA

WATCH SA", creating watches since 1848.

Why 33?
  • 33 is the most common combination of numbers in the world

  • 33 is associated with plenty of facts in history, geography, literature, religion, and science

  • 33 months of international warranty

  • 33 models in the collection

  • 33 as a marketing idea

  • A unique brand name

Sapphire crystal

Ronda Movement


  • Nearly twice as hard as a standard mineral glass and it is nearly as hard as a diamond

  • Almost resistant to scratch unless it will come in direct and hard abrasive contact with a diamond

  • Resistance to thermal shock is another advantage of sapphire glass

  • Ronda is an established Swiss-based company that has its roots in the Basel region

  • Every Ronda watch movement meets the most rigorous standards in design and quality terms

  • Today Ronda is one of the world's largest manufacturers of mechanical and precision electronic watch movements of innovative design

  • 33 Element uses only 316L grade stainless steel

  • Low nickel content

  • Corrosion resistance

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